• We will NEVER outsource your work overseas – we believe very strongly in supporting our community.

    Apart from a lower quality of work generally by working with non-native English speakers, there is a high security risk to sending information overseas.

    US-Based Transcriptionists
  • After being typed by our experienced transcriptionists, all work goes through a proofreading process before being returned, to ensure a high quality product.

  • We have invested in a powerful hosted dictation management and typing platform which uses 2048-bit encryption to keep your data secure according to strict HIPAA regulations.

    Our transcriptionists do not save anything on their own PCs. Everything is managed in the cloud with detailed audit trails.


Reliable, Trustworthy, Hassle-free Transcription Service

• Did you know you could reduce your in-house staffing costs while getting the valuable admin support you need?
• Did you know you could still support US workers by outsourcing, rather than hiring?
• Did you realize there was a reputable solution to keeping your information secure in the process?

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Imagine if there were a reliable, trustworthy, hassle-free transcription service that cared about your work and delivered results time and again.

You don’t have to imagine it, we’ve created it! By using Lex Transcription Services, you can get back to what you do best, while maximizing the time and talents of your existing staff.