5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Transcription

The field of transcription may not be as exciting as that of an FBI field agent. But there are many benefits to working as a transcriptionist — and it tends to be far less dangerous!q9CGEd9_MzTQUPhZlp8i2lHGGloYvxDWxas-sNhjF0I

Here are just a few of the benefits you find in this field:

  1. Flexibility – If you prefer to work during non-business hours, this is the job for you. Transcribing can be done at any time of day. Sure, there are deadlines to meet, but as long as you return the transcription on time, it does not matter when the actual work takes place. This makes it a great career option for those with children.
  2. Work from home – Prefer to work in your pajamas or yoga pants? No problem. You can skip the formal work attire if you work in transcription because you’re most likely working from home, where the dress code is always casual. (However, we recommend wearing pants if you choose to work from a coffee shop or library.)
  3. Easy entry – Got some phenomenal typing skills? You don’t need an MBA to work in transcription. While a lot of fields out there require specific degrees, transcription work requires only patience, attention to detail, some equipment, and a place to work. If you choose to specialize in a field such as medical transcription, you can complete a basic certification in six months.
  4. Room to grow – Want to improve your skills or specialize? You have the option for more training and higher-level certifications. As you acquire more certifications or specialties, your pay rate will increase.
  5. Plenty of work – Demand for transcriptionists is increasing, especially those who are qualified in specific fields. Medical transcription, in particular, is in high demand right now, especially as the healthcare field grows.

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Better Business Management: The 5 Things You Should Have Transcribed

In business, it’s often important to have an accurate record of conversations that occur. You know you can’t rely on your memory, but you may not have time to take notes when you’re participating in a heated or heavyweight discussion. Besides, even the best note taker may not accurately capture everything.41334707_s

Save time and trouble by having these five conversations transcribed:

  1. Meetings — Whether it’s a board meeting or a staff meeting, a lot of discussion takes place. Sure, someone can take notes to capture the high points, but a lot of it may be lost. Let your team focus on taking part in the discussion by recording and then transcribing the meeting. You can then provide both notes and the recording to later prove a point, provide clarity, or offer the minutes to those who could not attend.
  2. Phone Calls — Phone call interviews with potential job candidates or important conversations among high-level executives may need to be recalled later. Transcribing it leaves no room for wondering exactly what was said by whom.
  3. Webinars — Your webinar team has created a great presentation. Repurpose that creative content for blog posts and the company enewsletter by having the entire presentation transcribed.
  4. Presenters/Speakers — Bringing in an expert to chat with your team? Make sure everyone has the chance to learn, even if they can’t attend. Record the presentation and have it transcribed so employees can access the information whichever way is convenient.
  5. Client Notes — When you’re meeting with a client, you want to focus on him or her and the needs presented. While you may take notes, busy business owners know that a transcription is an invaluable way to make sure the entire conversation can be referenced later. Financial advisers and insurance agents are just two types of workers who put transcriptions to good use.

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Benefits of Using a Transcription Service

help-with-paperwork1In our first blog, we dared to say that any business might need transcription services at some point in time. It’s true. You hold meetings. You talk to clients. You have notes. Need more convincing?

If you’re a law firm, corporate, retail, educational or recreational business, you definitely have reason to use a transcription service. All those meetings, notes to self, and client communications need to be recorded on paper. By letting us do the work, you’re freeing up your staff from this job so that they can attend to what they are good at, to do what you hired them to do.

For the attorneys out there, your time is much better spent doing what attorneys do. Letting the transcribers do the transcribing lets you and your staff clock more billable hours doing what you do best. For everyone else, you, too, can benefit from outsourcing your transcription needs.

By letting us do the work, your workload is reduced, allowing you to do what you do best, whether that is sales, marketing, teaching or playing. We focus on your audio files so you can focus on your work, your expertise, and generate revenue for your business.

If you’re a small business, or even a one-person office, a transcription service can help take this administrative task off your desk, saving you time but more importantly allowing the necessary work to be completed without you having to hire an employee. It’s a tough economy still and salaries, training and benefits are an expense that many businesses are going without. But the work still needs to be done, and outsourcing to a service can solve that issue.

Saving time and money should be more than enough benefits of using a transcription service, but if you need more, here’s another. You work hard at your business and building your brand and reputation. You want to look good in front of your peers, colleagues, clients and anyone else who may come across your communications. While most people can speak English, writing and grammar does not necessarily go hand in hand with speech. Transcriptionists have the background and the knowledge to turn your audio files into accurate written representations of the spoken word. Your final product will look good and read well. And when your product is impeccable, you look good. And when you look good, your business looks good. And when your business looks good, your chances of increasing your revenue stands a better chance than not.

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The Right Transcription Service

Business meeting - group of people in officeIf you own a business, you might one day need transcription services. Why? Whether you’re in corporate, legal, retail, educational, or recreational industry, you may need to transcribe:

• Interviews of potential hires to share with team members prior to making a decision
• Minutes of meetings
• Conferences
• Employee seminars or workshops
• Client communications
• Digital dictation of notes

One would think that the act of putting the spoken (recorded) word into written form may seem like a relatively simple task; however, it’s really not one that suits many.

“Really?” you ask.

Yes. Transcription is something that requires more than just excellent typing skills or access to spell check. You need to have an ear for the voices you hear, some of which come to you through mumbling, with accents or other factors that make it difficult to hear or comprehend. You need to have a sense of grammar and accuracy, as well as the ability to refrain from changing what you hear to what you think should be. (That’s not that easy, as the brain naturally “fixes” things without you being aware of it.)

But even more so, you need to make the time to sit and do the transcribing. And time is one thing that most people have too little of too much of the time.

So, if there’s something you need to get transcribed, save yourself some agitation and outsource the work to people who do transcribe, not just for a living, but because they enjoy it. We provide that service to you. We’re all native English speakers who live and work right here in the U.S.

There are so many benefits to using a transcription service, aside from saving yourself some time and aggravation. Click here to read more.