SSL Secure Transaction

This is our number one priority here at Lex Transcription Services and we take several measures to ensure that your information remains confidential:

  • We have invested in a powerful hosted dictation management and typing platform which uses 2048-bit encryption to keep your data safe.
  • Login and password settings help prevent unauthorized access. We use a closed system, meaning that you can only access the system with compatible software and proper user access.
  • The software we use is frequently used by medical organizations and is therefore highly secure according to strict HIPAA regulations.
  • As part of our hiring processes, our transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements and are background checked before working with us.
  • Our transcriptionists do not store or save your confidential voice or reports on their own PCs. Everything is managed in the cloud with detailed audit trails.
  • We NEVER send your work overseas to make a few extra dollars.