Getting Started

Getting started with Lex Transcription ServicesWe know your time is precious and we make it as easy as possible to start:

1. Register
To get started in receiving your accurately transcribed documents, complete our registration form HERE.

2. What Will I Need To Commit To?
You are asked to agree to our billing terms. That’s it! There are no contracts to sign or minimum volumes to meet to keep your account active. We will then create a client site for you with a unique User ID and password, and where requested, provide you with the toll-free dial-in dictation number.

3. Send your Dictation
Use the best option for you – your digital voice recorder, your PC, your mobile phone app or use our toll free dictation system – and send us your voice file.

4. Receive your Transcribed Documents
We will provide your transcribed documents within 48 business hours – or you can access them from our secure Web Portal.

5. Pay Us
All work is invoiced monthly on the 1st day of the month for work performed the previous month and terms are 15 days Net. A detailed statement of work undertaken will be provided to you. You can make it easy on yourself and authorize us to simply charge your credit card each month (you will still receive a breakdown of work undertaken). Or you can manually pay for services rendered through Paypal, our online payment processor, or by mailing a personal check. Check our prices page for detailed pricing.