How Does It Work?

Our system allows you to easily get your dictated voice files to us according to what is most convenient for you – by either using a digital voice recorder, recording through your PC, mobile phone app or through a good old telephone line by using a toll-free secured number.

Work Flow - Dictation, Transcription, Proofreading & Delivery

For our regular clients, we offer storage of your own templates so you get your documents your way. We will securely store your business letterhead, your standard document settings, template wording that can be easily referenced and inserted so you don’t have to dictate the same paragraphs you frequently use over and over. We can also offer advanced features such as eSignature – ask us for more information on this feature.

You can log in to your secure area at any time to check on work progress and download your completed documents. We can also arrange automated secure delivery of your finished documents back to you in an array of formats to your PCs, servers, printers and even interfaced to your in-house enterprise application or CRM.  Ask us for more details on this.