Why Transcribe?

Question MarkWhen you hear the words “transcription service,” you might automatically think about medical transcription, as this service has primarily been used by those in the medical industry. Audio recordings and hand-written notes, along with other medical information contained in patients’ files, would be transcribed into files that would record patients’ treatment history.

Today, however, businesses across industry lines, from small businesses to mega corporations, are taking advantage of transcription services. Some reasons why businesses use transcription services include:

Recording conferences, speeches, or meetings. Even if you cannot attend a certain engagement, recording the content and then transcribing that recording allows you to either clearly and efficiently find and use needed information, and pass along to colleagues, or to have a verbatim record of the contents (especially useful for law offices or for meetings in which opposing sides are present).

The service isn’t only for your company’s engagements; many businesses today find it useful to record their competitions’ public events as well so that they can study the way the competitor markets its products or services.

A good transcription service will be as accurate as the audio allows; in other words, the clearer the audio, the more accurate the transcription. Its transcribers should also have an ear for accents. And, its turnaround times should be within reason of the clients’ needs.

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