5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Transcription

The field of transcription may not be as exciting as that of an FBI field agent. But there are many benefits to working as a transcriptionist — and it tends to be far less dangerous!q9CGEd9_MzTQUPhZlp8i2lHGGloYvxDWxas-sNhjF0I

Here are just a few of the benefits you find in this field:

  1. Flexibility – If you prefer to work during non-business hours, this is the job for you. Transcribing can be done at any time of day. Sure, there are deadlines to meet, but as long as you return the transcription on time, it does not matter when the actual work takes place. This makes it a great career option for those with children.
  2. Work from home – Prefer to work in your pajamas or yoga pants? No problem. You can skip the formal work attire if you work in transcription because you’re most likely working from home, where the dress code is always casual. (However, we recommend wearing pants if you choose to work from a coffee shop or library.)
  3. Easy entry – Got some phenomenal typing skills? You don’t need an MBA to work in transcription. While a lot of fields out there require specific degrees, transcription work requires only patience, attention to detail, some equipment, and a place to work. If you choose to specialize in a field such as medical transcription, you can complete a basic certification in six months.
  4. Room to grow – Want to improve your skills or specialize? You have the option for more training and higher-level certifications. As you acquire more certifications or specialties, your pay rate will increase.
  5. Plenty of work – Demand for transcriptionists is increasing, especially those who are qualified in specific fields. Medical transcription, in particular, is in high demand right now, especially as the healthcare field grows.

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